Belladerma Wellness Spa


The beauty of combining the idea of wellness and a healthy lifestyle to skin care.

Detox Facial with Lymphatic Drainage $75

Relieve facial tension and discourage fine lines and wrinkles by eliminating toxins from the skin. Stress reducing, bring back a more radiant, youthful appearance.

Treatment begins with cleansing and analysis. Ultrasonic technology is used to clean out pores and promote circulation in the skin. An enzyme is applied to help brighten and clarify, while you receive a relaxing hand and arm massage. A gentle lymphatic massage encourages the flow of lymph and cellular buildup; reducing any puffiness in the face due to fluid retention, sinus congestion, or lack of circulation. A unique snow algae mask is used to repair, rejuvenate, and reduce inflammation in the skin tissue. Finishing with cellular repair boosting serums and and an appropriate moisturizer. (60 minutes)

Parafango Detox/Slimming Wrap $95 +

Facial Yoga